Political Transition


Right 5  Advancing The Frontiers Of Democratization

Right 5  At the Doorstep Of A New National Order

Right 5  Cardinal Requirements For Democracy

Right 5  Consolidating The Gains Of Development

Right 5  Dialogue With Political Party Leaders

Right 5  Dialogue With Senators

Right 5  Dialogue With State Governors

Right 5  Dialogue With Traditional Rulers

Right 5  Expediency And The Path Of Honour

Right 5  Kudos For Those Who Served

Right 5  Significance Of The Legislative Arm

Right 5  Stability of the Nation Cannot Be Sacrificed On The Altar Of Time

Right 5  Stepping Aside For Peace And National Concord

Right 5  The Elected President Of Nigeria As a Visionary Leader

Right 5  The Strategy Of Winding Down

Right 5  The Valedictory Address To The Nation

Right 5  Value Of The Linkage Between Past And Present Leadership For Future Governance

Right 5  We Intend To Make Good Our Promise