On 27 August, 1993, eight years after he assumed the leadership of the Federal republic of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida left office as President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The circumstances which surrounded his exit from power can neither be said to be as auspicious as it was originally programmed nor deservedly expected, given the huge basket of fundamental policies, programmes and projects which the President conceptualized, inaugurated and worked tirelessly to implement during his tenure.

Following the annulment of the presidential election of 12 June, 1993, Nigeria became engulfed by crisis which had not been anticipated in the carefully crafted programme of transition to civil rule which the President inaugurated in 1987. While the crisis was arguably undesigned, yet the significance which it took had tended to overwhelm, unjustifiably, the fundamental and historical reforms which the BABANGIDA administration had carried through for the country.

Elements of the crisis have continued to plague the Nigerian economy and political process after two decades since the exit of President Babangida from power. It is important that the country and, especially, researchers and professional observers of this development, should not lose the value of the policy pronouncements of the period leading to his exit from power. Indeed, posterity deserves the records. It is for this reason that selected major speeches of General Babangida are being presented on this site.

The general view was and still is that, in conception, formulation and articulation, the policies and programmes undertaken by the BABANGIDA regime were monumental events which, cumulatively, inaugurated profound historical processes such that for good or ill, the country moved forward in direction and image. His policies, programmes and courses of action were woven around the twin processes of political democratization and the liberalization of the economy. These policies and programmes were the focus of the series of speeches and addresses which BABANGIDA delivered during the tenure of his administration.

The speeches are classified into three periods:

Right 5  Speeches Made Between 1985 -1989

Right 5  Speeches Made Between 1989 -1991

Right 5  Speeches Made Between 1991 -1993