8th Airlift of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia begins.

11th Justice Mamman Nasir presidential committee on the future adminis­tration of Abuja submits report to the president.

14th Nigeria and Pakistan enter into bilateral discussions on the reactiva­tion of the Nigerian Railways.

15th Senate adjourns sitting till June 22.

17th IBB attends graduation ceremony of the National War College-course one.

– Babangida defends the presidential election (Basic Constitutional and Transitional Provisions) Decree No. 133 of 1993 which empowers NEC to postpone the conduct of June 12 presidential election in the event of any foreseeable breach of peace.

18th The first National Consultative forum of the committee of elder states­men held in Lagos at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA).

– NEC clears Abiola and Tofa for the presidential election.

21st Abiola grants Nigerian women audience at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

28th Association of Better Nigeria (ABN) seeks court injunction restrain­ing NEC from conducting June 12 presidential election.