1st General Babangida’s broadcast on May Day.

3rd Nigeria and Israel discuss ways of restoring diplomatic ties after a long period of silence between the two countries.

4th Nigeria restores full diplomatic relations with Israel after a 19-year old break.

– Federal government constitutes a judicial commission of inquiry into the cause of fuel shortage in the country.


  • Justice Alfa Belgore – Chairman
  • S. B. Agoro -Secretary
  • 0. Kusamotu
  • Justice Yean Omokore
  • Pascal Bafyau
  • Chief H. Ogbodo
  • Williams Anumiedu
  • Bello Lafiagi

5th General Babangida travels out to Namibia on a four-day state visit.

26th NEC disqualifies 32 aspirants from the National Assembly Elections

8th Federal Government investigates the extravagant spending of presidential aspirants.

12th Federal government gives directive to close down all fuel stations within 25 kilometres range to Nigeria’s borders.

13th Peaceful student demonstrations against the government turn violent.

14th Federal government beefs up Security Network in Lagos, and assures Lagosians of their safety.

22nd Members of AFRC converge in Abuja to deliberate on the situation in the country.   Federal government says rioters would face Special Tribunal

– Two political parties, NRC and SDP commence primaries to elect flag bearers to the House of Representatives.

25th NEC closes voters’ registration. Federal government establishes National Guard.