1st General Babangida ends his tenure as chairman of OAU at the 28th Summit of the Organisation.

– Abuja Times launched in the new Federal Capital.

2nd Dr. Nelson Mandela visits Nigeria to discuss with General Babangida about the CODESA talks in South Africa.

4th Elections into the Senate and House of Representatives held.

9th Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim (leader of defunct Great Nigeria Peoples Party (GNPP) in the Second Republic) dies in a German hospital.

10th National Assembly (Basic Constitutional and Transitional Provisions) Decree 1992 which makes the election of National Assembly mem­bers legal and provides among other things for the establishment of the Assembly, promulgated by the Federal government.

11th IBB attends the First Media Award presentation in Lagos.

– The remains of Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim laid to rest.

22nd  Members of AFRC meet in Abuja to discuss whether the national As­sembly will be inaugurated during the remaining transition or after it.

– ASUU proscribed by AFRC for failing to call off strike.

23rd Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni arrives Abuja on a four-day state visit to Nigeria.

27th General Babangida addresses members of the National Assembly.