3rd OAU Summit held in Abuja, Nigeria under the Chairmanship of Gen­eral Ibrahim Babangida.

5th African Economic Community (AEC) established in a treaty signed by African leaders.

7th The 27th OAU summit ends.

13th 10 Nigerian pilgrims executed in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking.

18th Babangida launches National Construction Policy in Lagos.

19th FG takes delivery of 400,000 tonnes of fertilizer imported into the country.

25th IBB inspects ECOWAS permanent secretariat complex in Abuja in preparation for the ECOWAS summit to be held in the new Federal Capital city.

26th Okada aircraft crashes at Dutsin Maigari in Sokoto State, kills three people, injures many.

29th Federal Government deports William Keeling, Financial Times Jour­nalist for writing unconfirmed stories about the use of additional pro­ceeds from the sale of oil during the Gulf crisis by the Federal Govern­ment.