1st The Commonwealth elects a Nigerian, Chief Emeka Anyaoku as its first African Secretary-General.

5th NEC announces new senatorial groupings for the country. Under the new arrangement, each state of the federation has three senatorial dis­tricts as against five in the second republic.

7th The two registered political parties the SDP and NRC conduct state congresses and elections of officials throughout the country.

8th IBB travels to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to attend the OAU Heads of State summit meeting.

12th President Babangida arrives home from OAU Summit held in Addis Ababa, Capital of Ethiopia.

– The Federal Government publishes Tobacco Smoking Control Decree 20, 1990 in its Gazette 37. It becomes an offence for any person to smoke cigarettes in a cinema, theatre, stadium, office, medical estab­lishment, lifts, schools, public transport and nursing institutions in any part of the country.

18th IBB leads Nigeria’s delegation to a one-day summit of the Nigeria-Niger joint commission for co-operation in Maiduguri.

19th Federal Government announces the removal of the Managing Director
of New Nigerian Newspapers, Alhaji Sidi Ali Sirajo, from office.

20th National Transition Committee nullifies the nomination papers of all the 113 candidates vying for the offices of the two political parties, SDP and NRC

25th SDP Elects party officials. Kingibe wins party chairmanship.

Other positions:

  • Deputy National Chairman – Mr. Ademola Babalola, National Secretary –

Prof. Ebere Osieke.

  • Financial Secretary – Mr. Frank Kokori
  • Treasurer – Hamman Bassa.
  • Publicity Secretary – Prof. David Forman,
  • Legal Adviser – Mr. Ogana Lukphata.
  • Auditor – Alhaji Sambo Koko.

27th 42 convicted coup plotters executed by firing squad at 5 p.m.

30th Names of the executed coup plotters released. They are:

  • Major Gideon Orkar
  • P.A. Dakolo
  • N. H. Empere
  • C. 0. Ozoalor
  • A. E. Akogun
  • N. E. Odey
  • E. J. Ejesuku
  • A. A. Umukoro
  • D. Ale-Alade
  • Julius Itua
  • M. Ademokhai
  • P. Illegar
  • O.II M. Bayefa
  • Lance Corp. Jephthah Inesei
  • Lance Corp. Francis Ogo
  • Sunday Effiong
  • Lance Corp. E. Oiyemolan
  • Lance Corp. S. Mbasue
  • Lance Corp. A. Ojenrongbe
  • Lance Corp. G. Deesityira
  • S. Iyeke
  • Lance Corp. Idowu Azeez
  • Joseph Efe
  • O.II. Afolabi Moses
  • O.II. Jonathan Ekini
  • Solomon Okugbowa
  • Private Egbolo Makpamenkun
  • Private Richard Isegholi
  • Private Monday Exebamen
  • Lance Corp. Adogamen Friday
  • Etim Umoh
  • Nnadi Mogah
  • Barnabas Jarikpe
  • Ex-Lance Corp. Examinar Makililo
  • Ex-Serviceman Lance Corp G. Otojareri
  • Ex-Corp. Wasiu Lawal
  • Ex-Lance Corp. Peter Unuyoma
  • Lance Corp. Samuel Obasuyi
  • Ex-Private Osazuwa Osifo
  • Ex-Staff Sgt. Samson Idejere
  • Ex-Signalman Goodluck Emefe
  • Jolly Agbodowi