3rd President Babangida lifts ban on party politics and announces the creation of 49 new local government areas in the country.

4th NEC chairman, Professor Humphrey Nwosu announces the registra­tion fee of N50, 000 for any political party seeking for registration.

9th Babangida leaves for London, Britain on a four-day official visit.

12th The first aircraft built in Nigeria, Air Beetle trainer through a joint-venture by the Nigerian Air force and Aeronautical Industrial Engi­neering and Project Management Company (AIEP) commences test flights at the old Kaduna airport.

13th Babangida returns to Lagos at the end of his four-day visit to Britain.

18th FG releases decree establishing the National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND).

26th Local government (Basic Constitutional and Transitional Provisions Decree No.15 of 1989) released.

26th FG gives N100 million to assist the eleven northern states in transport-ing fertilizer from the ports to the hinterland for distribution to farm­ers.

27th Riot against the pains of Structural Adjustment Programme breaks out across the country.