3rd Nigeria signs three agreements for technical and economic co-opera­tion with Liberia and Sierra-Leone.

14th Former Head of State of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) loses mother.

16th Chairman of the Special Military Tribunal on Miscellaneous Offences, Mr. Justice Mofoye Oyetunde sentences 11 senior NEPA officials stand­ing trial before the tribunal to life imprisonment.

They are:

  • M.A. Odedina
  • S.F. Adewumi
  • C.N. Okafor
  • D.A. Olatoke
  • J.N. Olotu
  • B.B. Oye
  • J.K. Olatunde
  • K.E. C. Okoroafor
  • E. Equakegbe
  • O. Ijaola
  • M.O. Igedu
  • D.A. Olaiya

21st  Babangida receives two special messages from Togolese leader, Gnasingbe Eyadema through his foreign minister Mr. Yaowi Adodo.

25th IBB sends goodwill message to Christians on the occasion of Christ­mas celebrations.