1st FG sets up four national commissions.

They are:

  • National Population Commission
  • National Revenue Mobilisation Committee
  • Code of Conduct Bureau
  • Code of Conduct Tribunal

FG releases five new decrees. They are:

  • Universities of Ife (Transitional Provisions) (Amendment) Decree 1988.
  • University Teaching Hospitals Reconstitution of Boards, etc (Amendment) Decree 1988,
  • Court of appeal (Amendment) Decree 1988.
  • Federal Radio Corporation.
  • Animal Disease (Control) Decree, 1988.

2nd Babangida attends Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs meet­ing held in Lagos.

5th  Nigeria Police Force (NPF) changes uniform.

–  Federal government introduces new civil service reforms.

–  Director-Generals replace Permanent Secretaries

–  A communiqué on the establishment of a joint commission on economic, scientific and technical co-operation signed between Nigeria and Burkina Faso issued.

  A decree, which provides a unified legal framework for the fair and efficient settlement of industrial disputes, promulgated. It is known as Arbitration and Conciliation Decree no 11 of 1988.

7th Health Minister announces the ban on smoking in public places.

15th Nigeria and Ghana sign joint communiqué:

  • To implement the existing extradition treaty between Nigeria and Ghana, Benin and Togo.
  • To implement the quadric-partite agreement on police co­operation and mutual administrative assistance on matters relating to Customs, Immigration and Trade.

20th President Babangida signs Constituent Assembly Decree into law.

  • Proceedings of the Constituent Assembly to be conducted in accordance with the standing orders of the defunct House of Representatives as modified by the AFRC.
  • Business of the Assembly to be conducted in English

26th 117 names nominated as members of the Constituent Assembly released by the Federal Government