1st IBB returns to Lagos at the end of a five-day working visit to N’djamena, the Chadian capital.

3rd A six-man committee to probe the crisis of the Federal Government College, Abuloma, Rivers State inaugurated.

11th NEC chairman announces the abolition of vice chairmanship elections in Local Governments.

– NEC displays voters’ list throughout the country.

13th General Babangida travels to Republic of Niger on a one-day official visit.

16th  President Babangida receives traditional rulers across the country in Abuja.

18th NEC bans the use of electronic media by politicians to campaign for local government elections.

29th Prof. Onuaguluchi heads the committee set up by the Federal Ministry of Health to work out a drug policy for the country.

30th Three decrees published in government gazette

  • Directorate for Social Mobilisation, Decree no. 31.
  • Educational Accreditation Decree, which deals with incorporation of educational enterprises under the provisions of the Busi­ness Names Act of 1956.
  • Advisory Council on religious affairs:

a .  Consists of 12 members to represent the Christian group and 12 for the Muslim group

  1. They are to be appointed by the AFRC but subject to the President’s power to increase or reduce its membership.

c.  The Council to appoint from among them, a chairman and vice-chairman. The two not to be from the same religious group.