1st Federal Government promulgates four new decrees and amends one:

  • The Trade Unions (miscellaneous provisions) Decree 1986.
  • Customs, Immigration and Prisons Services Board Decree 1986.
  • The Federal Universities of Technology Decree 1986.
  • Motor Vehicles Third Party Liability Insurance Decree.
  • The Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (Amended) Decree, which formally amends the NIIA’s Affairs Acts of 1971 and 1977.

– Nigeria selected among six countries to serve on the permanent stand­ing committee of Heads of State to handle the challenges emanating from racist South Africa. Other countries include Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

22nd IBB signs the Decree on the Second-Tier Foreign Exchange Market (SFEM), promulgates four others:

  • Decree No. 19 – National Security Organisation (NSO). Creates three new agencies:
  • Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • National Intelligence Agency (NIA)
  • State Security Services (SSS)
  • Decree No.20 – The School Year (Variation) Decree ’86.
  • Decree No.21 – Recovery of Public Property (Special Military Tribunals) Decree 1984
  • Decree No. 22 – Special Tribunal (Miscellaneous offences) (Amendment)
  • Decree 1986 amends the special tribunal (Miscellaneous offences, Decree 1984 to reduce death sentence for hard drugs to life imprisonment.

26th IBB changes eight governors

They are:

            Name                                                              State

Col. Lawrence Onoja:                                     Plateau

Col. Anthony Ukpo                                        Rivers

Col. E. B. Opaleye                                          Ondo

Lt. Col. A. Abdullahi                                      Kwara

Lt. Col. G. A. Mohammed                             Niger

Lt. Commander Amadi Kwechegh                Imo

Commander I. E. Mohammed                        Cross Rivers