3rd About 1,384 sets of workshop equipment ordered by the Federal Gov­ernment in pursuance of the National Policy on Education distributed to all states and Abuja.

5th F.C.T. Minister announces the movement of four ministries to Abuja by 1st October 1986. The ministries are: Finance, Industry, Internal Affairs and Trade.

–  Babangida briefs three newly appointed ambassadors to head Nige­rian missions in different countries. They are: –

  • B. N. Dede Secretary General (Politics) for Organisation of African Unity (OAU).
  • Navy Capt. F. B. I. Paul Boni – (Equatorial Guinea).
  • Dove Edwin (London).

8th Minister of Industries, Alhaji Bunu Sheriff Musa Commissions 4.5million naira coil coating plant in Otta, Ogun State.

12th Petroleum Resources Minister, Professor Jibril Aminu leaves Lagos for Geneva to attend OPEC meeting.

14th FG orders the Managing Director of Federal Super Phosphate Ferti­liser Company (FSFC) to proceed on an indefinite suspension with effect from Friday 11th, 1986.

15th Nigeria condemns United States attack on Libya.

– Ukiwe leaves Lagos for Senegal to consult OAU chairman on America-Libya conflict.

18th IBB receives report of Justice Bello Judicial Tribunal of Inquiry that reviewed the cases of persons convicted under Decree 3 of 1984.

21st IBB leads bilateral talks between Nigeria and Hungary at the State House, Marina, Lagos.

– President Babangida names visitation panels to look into the affairs of five federal universities.

They are: University of Ibadan, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, University of Lagos,

University of Ife, and Univer­sity of Benin.

22nd Hungarian President, Mr. Pal Cosonczi visits Nigeria on a one-day of­ficial visit.

23rd Federal government releases Fela Anikulapo Kuti unconditionally.

24th Nigeria and Hungary sign a Scientific and Technical Co-operation Agreement.

25th Mr. S. 0. Chukwumali, chairman of the committee on strategies for dealing with mass   unemployment submits report to Minister of Em­ployment, Labour and Productivity, Rear Admiral Patrick Koshoni.

28th President Babangida commissions the Dry Dockyard at Snake Island in Lagos.