The tone of public policy debates in our country today has made it difficult to identify constructive solutions to the challenges we face. The Foundation strives to become a central gathering place for nonpartisan public discussions on issues of national interest. We work tirelessly to create a place where civil discussions can advance our national understanding and interests. To educate and help elevate public discussions, we sponsor conferences on important national and international issues as they affect us, and through partnership with other Nigerian Universities and research institutions, we host public debates to present substantive policy discussions. Our speakers for each event are drawn from high-ranking public officials and others involved in shaping public policy, from the academy and from journalists covering national and international events. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity for speakers to engage in stimulating public policy discussions in a beautiful setting that encourages direct interaction between speaker and audience.

Annual Presidential Leadership Forum

Our planned annual Presidential Leadership Forum Program will offer leading government officials, policy makers, scholars, and journalists the opportunity for in-depth exposition and audience discussions.